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vinarstvo-vinicky-logoWINERY Viničky Company Ltd. was founded in 2005. In its beginnings, this company is focused on preparing and planting their own vineyard, which will then produce red wines from varieties such as Pinot Noir, Blue Portugal.

The company manages a total of 46 ha of vineyards in the area near the village Hatfa Ladmovce. In 2009, 11.14 hectares of vineyards planted in 2012 is ready for another planting 35 ha of vineyards. Per hectare is planted with 5,680 vines.

Equally important is the preparation for the production of wines. In 2010, joined the construction winery for processing grapes, which are production, storage and tasting rooms.

After the wine factory in operation is calculated with the production of red wines - archive wine, fresh young wine, rosé wine and champagne - prospectively.

Vineyard Characteristics

All area: 46 ha
Area: 11,14 ha
Planted: 2009

Area: 35 ha
Ready for planting: 2012

Variety: Pinot Noir, Blue Portugal


Construction Winery

Construction winery for processing grapes Hatfa began in July 2010. General contractor of the project company Weinberg '93 in a short time built the building, which includes production, storage and tasting rooms, and open and landscaping.

The total price is € 5,800,000



VINÁRSTVO Viničky s.r.o.

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